The Forgetting Tree

The Last Good Paradise


"Passions ignite and plots are hatched as Soli’s wise, piercing insights into human nature ground the novel and make it a rewarding read."

"The Novel has smart things to say about the frailty human relationships, the importance of responsibility to others, and whether its possible to be truly "off the grid" in modern society."
Library Journal

"With elegant prose that can swell into poetic intervals or sharp commentary, Soli presents a book that courses with flawed, colorful characters, lavish food descriptions (courtesy of a chef protagonist) and political intrigue. But beneath its lovely veneer is a book that confronts the American urge to escape."
—Michigan Daily (read full review)

"The writing is smooth and as stunning as the paradise Soli has created. This novel will make you think about regrets, what truly makes a person happy, and what obligations we have to others as members of the same tribe and to the world as our collective home."
–BookNAround (read full review)

"Hilarious... melancholy... Tatjana Soli's new novel is a wild ride across the ocean and a dangerous dive into desire and greed and revelations about revenge and ultimately, love."
— Susan Straight, National Book Award finalist, author of Highwire Moon

“Funny, sad, and hauntingly moving, Soli’s brilliant new novel is about fractured dreams, broken people, and our desperate yearning to grab for that elusive second chance, no matter the cost. Drenched in a sunny paradise climate, Soli’s novel asks, what’s enough in life to be happy, and then delivers an answer that’s as spell-binding as it is profound.”

—Caroline Leavitt, New York Times bestselling author of Is This Tomorrow and Pictures of You

"The Last Good Paradise is at once a study in ambition, and a rollicking entertainment...and a page-turning survey of modern technology. Just when you think you know where this novel is going, Soli fascinates and surprises at every twist and turn."
—Jonathan Evison, author of West of Here